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Green Heart of Guyana

“The Green Heart of Guyana” produced and directed by Benjamin Driver will premiere at the 2018 WCFF in New York, NY. The WCFF mission is to inform, engage and inspire wildlife conservation through the power of film. Join us for our eight year anniversary is October 18-28, 2018. Ten days of film screenings, panel discussions, receptions, field trips, networking, virtual reality and more. All Access Film Festival passes are available now for purchase:

Synopsis: The Green Heart of Guyana is a look into the conservation research that is carried out in the Iwokrama reserve of Guyana. Guyana holds one of the largest intact tropical rain-forests in the world, and here we see renown scientists working with indigenous people of the region to try and protect this wonder. Political pressure is making the fate of Guyanas vast expanse of wilderness unknown. A country the size of Britain that is almost entirely covered in either tropical rain-forest or savanna grassland is in danger of being slowly infested with development that could fragment and erode the forests there. Looking at the different taxa within the tropical habitat, we see how surveys are carried out and building to construct a better understand of how the forests and all its inhabitants are responding to a changing environment and ultimately how the country is trying to use its wealth of resources without trying to exhaust them. Guyana is one of the last strongholds of intact tropical rain forests in the world. This is a unique opportunity, where experience and knowledge can help preserve Guyana’s wildlife before it becomes yet another race to extinction.

Contact: to join the planning committee. Sponsor the film festival, advertise on the big screen during the outdoor summer series and the October festival. Take a page in the full color program book to be distributed in USA, China and other countries.

Christopher J. Gervais, FRGS

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