Christopher J. Gervais
New York, NY
Conservationist, Entrepreneur, Explorer, Filmmaker & Philanthropist
President, International Exploration Society
Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society


Christopher is the Founder & CEO of the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival (WCFF), he is an environmental scientist and has graduate studies in marine biology and vertebrate paleontology. He worked as a field researcher, laboratory scientist and teacher at multiple natural history museums to put himself through his college years. Christopher’s first job out of college was a biology teacher and later as an administrator, at the time he was the youngest Principal for a public school in the state of Florida.While a graduate student, Christopher conducted fieldwork and research to study the Pleistocene Mega fauna fossils that were deposited over 10,000 years ago. His study of these extinct species informs his concerns for preserving biodiversity and was a significant factor in the founding of the WCFF. Christopher was one of the first scientists to conduct underwater vertebrate paleontology research. He is a professional, advanced scuba diver with over 2,500 logged dives. He is President of the International Exploration Society (IES), Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society, member of the Ocean Geographic Society, friend of American Philosophical Society and a Board Member of the Pet Philanthropy Circle.

Christopher is a frequent guest on Headline News (HLN) for Jane Velez Mitchell to discuss Animal Rights Issues.
He is currently producing several wildlife documentary films.

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From the Founder: Wildlife Conservation Film Festival

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