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World Lion Day

african lion king

Today is WORLD ‪‎LION‬ DAY.

In the aftermath of the killing of Cecil‬, President‬ Robert Mugabe‬ of ‪‎Zimbabwe‬ has made his first public comment on the subject: “All the natural resources are yours. Even Cecil the lion is yours. He is dead but yours to protect, and you failed to protect him. “All this ‪‎wildlife‬ is yours, we should protect them,” he said. “They should not be shot by a gun, it’s a sin. Or an arrow. I was stopped from killing animals with an arrow when I was seven or eight years old. I was told: ‘These are God’s creatures.'”


Perhaps there is hope if President Mugabe has seen the light and changed his views.

Happy Huntress-MelissaBachman

On this day let us work to end the hunting of these magnificent big cats for “sport”.

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