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Wildlife Hospital for Nepal


Nepal’s endangered animals will have access to new veterinary facilities

Nepal’s first wildlife hospital is to be built in Chitwan National Park, thanks to support by Denver Zoo in the US. The park is a World Heritage reserve that protects more than 900 sq km of forest, marsh and grassland with their accompanying wildife, including one horned rhinos, Bengal tigers and Gharial crocodiles, but until now it has not had bespoke medical services.

The zoo has verbally assured its financial assistance to the tune of $150,000 (£91,000) to build a hospital that will treat injured and endangered wild animals from the park. Up to now, basic medical care has been provided by four veterinary practices in villages around the park, which cater mostly for domestic and farm animals. This has amounted to only 50-60 cases per practice per year. Once the new facility has been built, many more wild animals stand to benefit.