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Elephants in the Coffee

The Asian Elephant population is down to just 30,000 in its native habitat of India and southeast Asia. The primary threat for this species is loss of habitat.

This week the award winning film Elephants in the Coffee, produced by Dr. Thomas Grant and D.K. Bhaskar screens in New York, NY at the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival. For a schedule of films, speakers and to attend visit: WCFF.org

‘Elephants in the Coffee’ shows how growth of coffee plantations
​ in Southern India led to deadly conflicts between humans and elephants. For more information about this splendid

For more information about this award winning film visit: http://www.elephantsinthecoffee.com/



World Elephant Day


Today is WORLD ‪‎Elephant‬ DAY, dedicated to preservation and protection of the world’s three elephant species. Less than 350,000 elephants remain in ‪#Africa‬ and less than 35,000 remain in Asia‬.

It is NOT too late. Preserving habitat and ending the ‪‎ivory‬ trade will help these animals survive.

Malaysian customs officers show elephant tusks which were recently seized in Port Klang outside Kuala Lumpur

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