Pilot Whales Slaughtered


Dead pilot whale

Yesterday, June 29 a peaceful group of Pilot Whales (known as a pod) was swimming off the coast of the Faroe Islands. These beautiful and majestic animals were surrounded by boats and forced into shore where they were slaughtered by ruthless villains.  Both the Faroese police and the Danish Navy assisted with the killings as activists from Sea Shepard watched helplessly. Twenty to thirty pilot whales were disemboweled, unborn fetuses ripped from their mothers’ wombs. The bodies of the whales were decapitated one by one.

Aftermath of a Grind Pilot Whale Hunt in the Faroe Islands - Klaksvik "best of Image"

One supporter of the slaughter sent me a message to sea Shepard saying, “We could show ISIS a thing or two about decapitation, you whale-loving bastards.”


Photographs were taken by the brave and dedicated volunteers of Sea Shepherd




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