Good news for Rhino’s

Good news for the Sumatran Rhinoceros! Camera traps on the island of Borneo have recorded photo’s of Sumatran Rhino which up until recently were thought to be extinct in this location. The species is critically endangered. I spoke with Dr. Susie Ellis, Director of the International Rhino Foundation (IRF), the scientific community believes there are less than 95 Sumatran rhinoceros left in the wild, Less than a dozen in captive breeding facilities. The Sumatran is the smallest of all five species, standing less than 4ft at the shoulder. IRF and other leading organizations are taking immediate action to save this species from extinction, mainly from poachers and deforestation.

A film on the Sumatran Rhino – “Rhinoceros: Curse of the Magic Horn” by Explora Productions will be screened at the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival, New York in less than two weeks, October 15-20. The film has received Honorable Mention for Best Education Category. For more information visit:



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