Animal of the week: Spotted-tailed Quoll


The Quoll is a member of the Dasyurids family, it is a Marsupial, and it is carnivorous, it is one of the largest of carnivorous marsupials in Australia. It’s colors are a rich rufus brown above, paler below, with white spots of different size all over the body including the tail. The head and body length is 38-75 cm in males; females are smaller 34-45cm. The male weighs up to 7 kg, the female 4 kg. Tail length is almost the same size as the body length in both male and female. It is found on the east coast in sclerophyll forest and rainforest, unfortunately most of us will never see one in the wild. Due to land clearing that has destroyed suitable habitat, competition from feral cats and foxes, the number of this species have been greatly reduced. It is estimated that less than 500 individuals of Spotted-tailed Quoll are only in existence. making this marsupial endangered to extinction.




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