Elephant Abuse at A’Famosa Resort in Melaka, Malaysia

A’Famosa Resort in Melaka, Malayasia has 9 elephants and as we can see their conditions are beyond horrible. This resort is huge with many animals which perform in their Animal World Safari, including the elephants which also give rides.

A video was taken of their mahout beating their poor starved bull, Rock. Friends of The Orangutans. which discovered the elephants’ shocking conditions, says the story was reported on a TV station but was taken down by powerful political connections. The abuse was reported, but Malaysian investigators found “nothing wrong.” To overcome this Malaysian authorities must feel the full glare and outrage of the world.

The cruel treatment of elephants by A’famosa Resort contravenes section 86(1) of the much lauded Wildlife Conservation Act 2010 and the full force of the law needs to be brought to bear on A’Famosa’s management, both for keeping the elephants in such a despicable manner and also for the elephant beating. It will also set a moral example against other zoo and resorts – cruel inhumane acts towards animals will not be tolerated anymore by the Malaysian public.

We demand the resort immediately halt its elephant shows, rides and all elephants be placed in a spacious enclosures, unchained. The Malaysian public will also want to see the nine elephants given the respect and care they deserve.

The resort management
must end all abuse and exploitation of its elephants and place them in an enclosure with adequate environmental enrichment.

We also demand all elephants be urgently assessed by a qualified, independant vet, especially the emaciated male, in the presence of Friends of the Orangutans and the local media.


Please join A’Famosa’s Abused and Exploited Elephants Need Our Help Fb page to follow more of what you can do to help these unfortunate elephants.


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